I have a new enemy

The introduction of organic waste collection in New Westminster is hardly a new trend in the Lower Mainland, most Municipalities do it now. However it did cause enough concern for one of my neighbours that she sat down and ranted for 900 words about it.

Now don’t get me wrong, a long rambling rant is one of my favorite things in the world . I’ve done a few myself. But this time the Vancouver sun decided an uninformed, grouchy, disorganized tirade about how hard it is to manage one’s own waste stream was worthy of the front page. Alas, it is below the fold, but maybe the columnist can write 900 words on how kids don’t listen anymore or how women seem to spend all their time running around in pants, and she can get above the fold some day.

My “measured” response sent to the Vancouver Sun:

Poor Shelley Fralic, confused and confounded by her own waste stream. Already intellectually or morally challenged by the demands of placing recyclables in a separate box from her stinky unmentionables (a task fully within the technical abilities of most kindergarten students), she is now aghast to find that some of the fresh food she apparently purchases daily can also be separated from her big green plastic bag. People taking responsibility for their own trash!? The horror!

Ms. Fralic pines for the good old days, when one would pile endless bags of trash in the back alley and anonymous people would swoop in at night and remove it from her responsibility. Presumably, she also pines for the days when trash was burned in open piles around the Lower Mainland or collected in large scows and dumped into the Strait of Georgia. Well, unfortunately for Ms. Fralic, we now have environmental laws, and that means if we want to control how much of our taxes we spend on making her stinky garbage disappear, she may have to at least open her eyes to the garbage she produces.

By the way, a good way to keep your Clean Green bin tidy is to wrap anything that might rot or stink in a little bit of (perfectly biodegradable) newspaper. I would suggest this as the only appropriate use for the ignorant, petulant ode to laziness and self-importance that was Ms. Fralic’s Monday column.

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