July Excuses

I am taking a bit of a hiatus, folks. I will be significantly reducing my Bloggy outputs for a few weeks.

Mostly this is because I have to write an exam near the end of July, and I really need to spend my limited spare time with my head down reading very dull material on the Law .

In the meantime, I recommend you all watch the Tour de France on TSN and cheer on Andy Schleck (who is my favourite to beat the Spanish FingerBanger), but also keep an eye on last year’s real standout Ryder Hesjedal, he is Canadian, and has only a narrow chance of winning, but he should finish in the top 10, and may some day replace Steve Bauer as Canada’s greatest Grand Tour rider.

…or feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

One comment on “July Excuses

  1. After peak oil, and the rapture set to befall mankind due to our oil-dependent engineering and construction, that book will make for fine toiletry !

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