Best Reason Ever to Stop Protecting Habitat.

Oh, I feel better. The Minister of Fisheries has a good reason to tear up the keystone environmental regulation in the country, and it had nothing to do with Oil Pipelines of Bituminous Sands development:

“Ashfield countered with examples of what he suggested were excesses under the act, citing one instance last year when a country jamboree in Saskatchewan scheduled to take place in a field that was flooded was almost cancelled because there were some fish in it.”

Yep, they almost had to cancel a Country Jamboree in Podunk, Saskatchewan because the asshat organizers planned for everyone to camp on a field with water deep enough to support fish… and it is the Department of Fisheries fault for ruining everyone’s hoe-down heel-kicking two-stepping good times. This from the mouth of the Minister of Fisheries, in the House of Commons!

Of course, they didn’t cancel. The show (for what it is worth) went on. No Country fans were inconvenienced, amd they are doing it again this year. No-one is reporting on what happened to the fish, and no mention of whether this year’s Jamboree will include a fishing derby.

It might be funny if this wasn’t about tearing up the single most effective environmental law in the Country. This is seriously not funny any more.

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