A little idea around Daytime Savings

We all hate springing forward. This week is full of stories of people sleeping in, hating the loss of sleep, having to drag their kids out of bed for school. Let’s put aside for a bit the idea that we are so stressed as a society that losing as little as one hour of sleep causes irreparable harm to our consciousness…

Yet we all love gaining that extra hour of sleep in the Fall. So the problem isn’t daylight savings, it is the “springing forward” part. So let’s fix that.

I propose we move the March time change from 2:00am on Sunday to 2:00pm on Friday.

Think about it. Instead of losing and hour of sleep, we miss an hour of “wake”, effectively increasing our proportional sleep time over the weekend. And by doing it on a Friday afternoon, everyone gets a well-deserved hour off of work/school, and gets to go home 1 hour earlier to enjoy the longer days. What’s more, everyone is awake, so none of this being late for stuff because you forgot to change your clock when you went to bed. No need to change the “Fall Behind” part, as everyone likes more sleep, and showing up an hour early for something gives us all-important self reflection time.

I would even sacrifice Premier McSparkle’s just-in-time-for-election “Family Day” for this smallest of all mid-March vacations.

Tell your friends, tell your elected officials. You heard it here first. Let’s fix Daylight Savings for the good of society.

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