More meta-blogging.
Since the shift to NWimby, I have noticed that the old comments from the old blog (Greennewwest) have disappeared. I managed to successfully “migrate” all of the content from Greennewwest to this one, but it appears the hundreds of comments did not make the trip over. Funny, I can search them in the blogger editing interface, and read them, but they do not appear linked to the correct pages…. rather frustrating.  
I only point this out, because a few of those comments were pretty critical of my opinions, my intelligence, or my hairstyle: mostly valid points. I just don’t want my detractors to think I am editing out opposing views (note the complimentary opinions have also disappeared; I feel bad, as it took my Mom hours). So if your comment/s seem to have disappeared, don’t take it personally. I might figure out a way to make them come back, but clearly my computerizing skills are suspect at best. And frankly, I would rather be outside on a day like this…

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