A Bit of Vacation

There are many things in New West I wish I was writing about right now, but instead I am busy enjoying life.

I just attended a High School Reunion (my own),

Amongst the things I am too old for, we can add my Grad Jacket and nightclubs.

…and spent some family time in the Kootenays.

I also got in a great bike ride and a short hike.

Somewhere off in the background, the ancestral Johnstone Family Home.
In the foreground, a suffering bastard feeling the Kootenay heat.

The hike also provided an opportunity to add to my long list of animal photography failures, as we ran into a rather large and surprisingly cinnamon-coloured Black Bear. Lucky he was too engaged in berry and shoot gorging to bother us too much as we wandered away nosily, but not before I was able to embarrass the makers of Canon cameras and lenses with this pathetic effort:

I am really not very good at this.
Back to regular blogging soon.

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