When I look for advice, I lean on the experts!

Walking through Queens Park a little better than a week ago, I ran into the Fashionista Booth, and sat down with JJ Lee to talk about dressing for the campaign trail. You can listen to the show now and hear how it went: 

You can stream the entire program here.

Although you might want to scroll ahead to 13:45 to hear my part, you shouldn’t – this is a great show and JJ talks to a couple of your other neighbours. It is worth a listen, as are the other episodes of his special summer show.

And just so you know, JJ, the consummate gentleman, gave me lots more advice than “all natural fibres”, but he did it off-microphone to save me from the embarrassment of my existing fashion failures! If I look better on your doorstep this week, it is because I followed his advice. If not, it is because I haven’t had time to shop yet.  

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