Ask Pat: Derelict CPR station building?

Someone asked—

Thanks for answering my question about the Brewery District so quickly, by the way. So, here’s one more: What’s with the derelict CPR station building that used to be the Keg on Columbia Street? I know there are serious structural issues with the building, but it seems crazy that such a beautiful building in such a prominent location amongst so much heritage revitalization remains seemingly untouched for years now…

And by the way, it REALLY should become a nice pub.

Sorry to make you wait this time… life is busy! The CPR Station building doesn’t belong to the City, so I don’t know much more than you. My understanding (from news stories when the Keg left) was that there were some problems with the building. However, since then I have noticed a new roof, and a bunch of pointing and re-grouting of the brickwork and masonry, so I don’t know if the term “derelict” really fits, but I hate to see it sit unused, as that is often the short route to dereliction.

The Keg (or the owner?) went to a bit of trouble to scrape every vestige of their name off of the building, so we have to presume they are not coming back. Yes, it would make a pretty epic tap-house, and it would also be great to have a large open terraces seating area out front that wasn’t fenced off from the public. Let’s hope the owners find a great lessee soon.

I’m also pretty interested in the rock used for stone quoining and window surrounds – upper Cretaceous Nanaimo Group sandstones, likely from Gabriola or Saturna Island. But I’m a bit of a nerd that way.

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