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We just moved in to the neighbourhood last summer at Queens and 9th across from the new middle school. We have a baby at the daycare. Are there any plans to replace the playground that was at the elementary school or do any upgrades to the park? I know the playground was enjoyed by many in our neighbourhood.

That site is partially School Board land and partially City Land. Much of the park is City-owned, and there is an agreement between the School Board and the City to share the play/ park/ sports field space. The City actually stepped up and contributed a bit of money for programming of that space, and the School Board has reciprocated by providing maintenance. I have only seen preliminary plans for the eventual park space, and during the construction phase that is solidly in the School Board’s control (for very good reasons). As I understand it, the play areas will be improved on the school grounds, though I suspect the nature of any play structures on School lands will change in that we now have a Middle School instead of an Elementary School.

As for the City part of the land, Parks staff tell me they are working on a strategic plan process for Simcoe Park (as it is called) after the school work is complete and there is a better understanding of how the new space and configuration will be used. There has also been some discussion in the pedestrian and access community about assuring the low-grade diagonal walkway connecting 8th and Royal to 9th and Queens be preserved, so there are many pressures with making the new school fit that site. However, top priority right now is working with the School Board to get that school up and running so that their long-term Capital Plan (read: New High School!) can be realized.

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