Ask Pat – That crappy stretch of Stewardson

Jeff asks—

Hey Pat,
What’s the deal with the bike path between 14th and 5th on Stewardson Way? Most of the bike route under the skytrain is great, but that block can be pretty scary when passing by huge trucks that feel close enough to touch. I suspect it has something to do with land owned by the rail compnaies, but just thought I’d ask. As a cyclist, I’m sure you are well aware of that route, but I’d be happy to send pics.
Perhaps this is better as an “official question”, but I was just dying to use the “Ask Pat” button.

Yep, the technical term for that stretch of Greenway is “sub-optimal”, and you nailed the major issue: jurisdictions. Under the Skytrain, squeezed between the road and the rails, it is a stretch that has always kind of been problematic. There was some talk a couple of years ago about fixing it, but my understanding is that the approach suggested by the City (a temporary crushed-gravel type surface treatment aside the sidewalk) was not accepted by the railway. Simply put, the City doesn’t own the right-of-way it would need to fix the situation, so I wouldn’t expect a quick solution. But it is on our radar.

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