ASK PAT – Brunette Greenway

Matt Church asks—

Do you know if there is a completion date set for the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway? I am interested in the two sections that remain between Pier Park and Braid Skytrain Station. And will this section be accessible for bikes? And can we share this cost with Metro Vancouver? I look forward to the day I can bike this route with my kids…and end up at Steel and Oak.

That’s the plan! The Riverfront Vision for the City includes a continuous walking/cycling route that connects the Central Valley Greenway at Braid Station via Sapperton Landing and the Pier Park, over the Q2Q Bridge to the established waterfront Greenways around Queensborough.

I can’t give you a completion date, as there are several pieces of property the City doesn’t own that will need to get included (through purchase, establishing rights-of-way, or expropriation) to make a continuous trail happen. The bigger vision is there, but capital costs compete with other priorities (and a YES vote in the upcoming referendum will give TransLink $13Million per year for bicycle infrastructure matching funds – it would be great if New West could tap into those!). Ideally, the entire system is done in the next 10 years, so by the time your kids are old enough to enjoy Steel & Oak, the route will be there!

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