New Rabble Rouser Website!

For long-time readers (Hi Mom!) I am happy to announce I will now have a website that contains everything my former blog was missing: form, function, design, and aesthetics.

If you are reading this on the website, then you need to go to right now and see what you are missing. All new posts from this point forward will be there, and all old posts from here are also over there as well, with a much more friendly archive and search capability. It really is better over there. Go now, take the click.

If you are looking at this on the website, welcome! Look around. This new website has all of the questionable content you have known from my former blog, along with new features and more questionable ideas, opinions, and news.

The quick good(?) news is that all of the content from my 5 years blogging as GreenNewWest and NWimby is included in the archive here. Those posts are tagged with their original tag, categorized with the NWimby label, and serchable by content and date. Also, all of the writings/musings I did for my Campaign website during the recent Election are also archived here, categorized as “Campaign” and similarly searchable. Hit the Archive button above and search the goodness!

You will also notice that red button over to the right that says “Ask Pat”. That is something new that I hope people will put to good use. Do you have a question about why the City does something the way it does? Do you have an idea about how to make the City better? Do you have a gripe about my use of prepositions? I want to make that feedback as easy as possible. Just click that button and Ask Pat, I will endeavour to answer as soon as I can reasonably get to it, and the answer will appear here and in your inbox.

Much thanks and volumnous shout-out to Wes at Of Desks right here in New Westminster for the incredible work he has done to make this website revamp so damn vamping. I wrote a few words and sketched something on a napkin, and he spun it into a custom design with custom functions that is estetically clean with really clear functions and navigation. It looks great – it works even better!

Welcome to the universe where my name is a web address. How did it ever come to this?

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