Voting Yes

Finally got around to dropping those ballots in the mail on Saturday. Yes, I voted yes, and if you are wondering why here are a few posts that should explain my position:

My 1,500-word Case.

A vision for the future of the Region, based on how we built the region we all seem to love so much.

On hating the process, but finding a way to make it positive.

On working with our regional neighbours to solve our unique local traffic problems.

On supporting a regional Plan, and asking why we can’t have nice things like Ontario?

Ahh… just go to my archives and search under “transportation”, there are more than 200 posts, all talking about the regional and local transportation mix, and solutions that need ot be found locally and regionally. A No vote provides no solutions, solves no problems, and makes no promise moving forward. I like solutions, I like regional collaboration, I like good public policy. The YES vote is obvious.

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