Ask Pat: 4th street elevator.

D-Ro asks—

#1 With summer fast approaching will the elevator, on 4th St, be working by the Spring 2015 deadline.


Donovan R.

Ugh. That damn elevator. No it will not be completed by the original deadline (a few months ago), nor will it be completed by the updated deadline (June 1st). However, I have been assured it will be ready by the first week of July, which makes it “summer”, not “spring”. Note, however, that this assurance came from the same people who provided earlier assurances, so I request a little wiggle room.

All I can say about this project is that the problems are not structural, not specific to the site, and not a sign of long-term issues. There were some initial delays due to concrete pouring timing around a cold snap over the winter, then a second delay was (as is my understanding) related to some parts that were ordered and installed that were found to be incompatible with other installed parts, requiring their removal and new orders for replacement parts. This third delay is relatively minor, but the replacement parts require a bit of re-jigging of the framing, mostly for aesthetic reasons.  The time delay is unfortunate, but the extra costs are the responsibility of the contractor, so the issues should not cost the City any extra.

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