Ask Pat: Sapperton Park

J.H. asked—

Are there any plans with Sapperton park?

Not that I know of. The playing fields are well used, the spray park and playgrounds appear to operate, if a little long-in-tooth. There was talk in the 2008 Parks Comprehensive Plan of replacing the field with artificial turf and replacing the lights, but that appears to have not taken place (while an artificial-turf field was added to Queens Park).

With the Brewery District development, the expansion of RCH, and (likely) subsequent increased business and residential density along East Columbia, one of the City’s most historic parks will definitely be seeing more use and more demands on it. I presume you are a neighbor, so I guess I’ll throw this question back at you: What would you like to see at Sapperton Park?

2 comments on “Ask Pat: Sapperton Park

  1. We would love to see a spray park like the one that was just renovated and opened at Hume park. Also a safer playground than the old wooden structure that is there with all the chains, the tire structure is a favorite among all the kids and even adults love running across it so if there is a way of preserving that it would be wonderful

    Sapperton resident

  2. Is the water park still slated for upgrade at Sapperton Park? That’s my biggest suggestion – right now it’s a “patchwork quilt” of asphalt fills and fixes… I cringe when I take my kid there because of the mega tripping hazard and rough landing. It would be nice to see it upgraded like Queens or Hume. Other than that, lovely little neighbourhood park with all the amenities I would expect.

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