One More Open House

I have said about all I can about the UBE prior to tomorrow’s final Open House/Workshop, so I will keep this brief. Before you attend (and you are attending, right?), I hope you will read these three things:

Monica Hardjowasito’s impassioned letter to the News Leader. I have not met Monica personally, but she obviously has been paying close attention to the process , and has come to some very reasoned conclusions.

Reena Meijer Drees’ comments on her new blog. As the “Postergirl” for consultations on this project, Reena shares her characteristically frank opinions on the project and the process.

Most importantly, review the minutes from the December 13 Council Meeting where Council made it very clear that they wanted to see a holistic solution, that includes an assessment of the long term issues with traffic capacity in this City. That is what you should have in your head when evaluating the project TransLink offers up on Thursday, as that is the first bar this revised project has to get over.

3 comments on “One More Open House

  1. Sad, you have been made the fools.

    By participating in the consultation workshops you have in fact given your consent and input into the expansion.

    If the meetings had been boycotted in the early stages that might have sent a different message to TransLink and Council.

    To late now !

  2. You are suggesting we should have demonstrated apathy as a protest? Like not voting in order to show pre-distain for election results?

    I disagree. The one thing TransLink cannot say is that the community did not engage honestly. We volunteered hundreds of man-hours in the process. Time and time again, we made it clear to TransLink what the community wanted, what we expected, and what we would accept. Only by taking positive action could we honestly say whether TransLink has met the community’s expectations. Our message to Council will now be clear, and it will be with a strong voice.

    This town has too many people who sit on their hands while consultations happen and decisions are made, only to hop up after the fact and scream in protest if they don’t like the results (automated trash collection is a good recent example). Fortunately, there are still people in our community who care enough to spend their limited free time working for positive change. It is also great to see how this process has brought the Sapperton Community together, an organizing force that may be called upon to address a trash incinerator soon….

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