Where am I?

Once again, lousy excuses for not posting more.

I have opinions galore, on New West Council taking a hold-on-just-a-minute position on the Pattullo Bridge (good), on the NWEP chiming in about the Pattullo (excellent), on the Peter Kent’s continued asshattery (no longer shocking), on how some New West Rabble were perilously close to starting a grassroots “Friends of Jen Arbo” campaign, just for the fun of it  (and might just yet)… and other things.

But I am up to my eyeballs with this event, which I am helping organize along with being one of the speakers. I am pretty excited to be hearing Paul Anderson’s Talk. There has been so much said about Northen Gateway, It will be interesting to hear about the science of the Envrionmental Assessment.

So everything else is on hold. Talk to you after the 16th.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment, here a buddy and I are checking out the Mayor Rob Ford’s new Public Transit System proposal for Toronto:


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