Bicycle Lane Obstacle Course #2

As I said in edition #1 of this series, my bike commute is pretty good. For a decent amount of the trip, where I am parallel to a significant but narrow rural road where speeding is endemic, there is a two-way separated bike path. The path is not perfect (the white bollards are virtually invisible during winter rains when oncoming car lights are present, and the driveways provide lots of blind opportunities to get nailed), but it is a pretty progressive piece of infrastructure, and the risks it presents can be managed by most riders.

Unless, or course, someone chooses to park in the middle of it. Makes me want to call the cops, except:

I should note, the officer was not (evidence suggests) responding to an urgent request, had no emergency lights on, and was not doing a speed trap (based on the normal 80km/h flow on the 50km/h Westminster Highway). He was just doing normal parked-on-the-side-of-the road-cop-stuff (idling and poking away at his computer). Something he could easily do in a legal parking spot 100m up the road, one presumes, or 500m up the road where there is a proper shoulder that isn’t a separated bike path, or at least not right next to a no parking sign.

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