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John A asks—

When is the Café/Restaurant at the Anvil Coming? Is there an issue with the contract demanding Fair Living Wage? Using CUPE staff to overcome this issue like done at Pier Park concession, needs to be discussed.

This was sent as a comment on a recent Council Report, but I thought it worked better as an ASK PAT, and hey, it’s my party, so I can post how I want to.

There are some things I simply cannot talk about on this forum, because of Section 90 of the Community Charter. However, I am confident that we will soon have a tenant operating a restaurant in the Anvil.

The Living Wage Policy is not an issue. You can read the policy here, and see that it only applies to organizations providing services “to the City on City Premises.” As is a practice I try to use here, the “City” with a capital “C” strictly means the corporate entity, not the general populace (“community”) or geographic locality (“city”). Companies that lease property from the City to operate a not-for-profit or for-profit business venture in the city that offers goods or services to the community are exempt from the policy.

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  1. John A. Has been an apponent to the Living Wage Policy since it was first proposed to the city by ACORN Canada and the CCPA many years ago.
    He has argued against it all the while ignoring how it has been successfully implement by companies and municipalities in Canada and around the world.
    It seems that he just can’t see the benefits of having healthy, happy, and loyal staff.

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