I couldn’t vote for Kodos

I try not to get too involved in American Politics. It isn’t my country, I can’t vote there, why worry about something you have no control over? However, when I think I have given it up, when I start to think I really don’t care: they drag me back in. It is a gong show, it is a child’s playground, it is a drunken brawl of stupidity, but I can’t stop paying attention.

One reason, of course is that we currently have a Federal Government who can’t seem to do anything without marching orders from below. This has always irritated the “left”, but now even the “right” is starting to get worried about the rudderless ship (or about who‘s hands are on the rudder).

Climate change is too big an issue for this guy to be deciding Canada’s energy policy:

Ironic that, once again, the Onion proves to be America’s Greatest News Source, as it actually get this story more right than most of the real media.

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