Canada Day Saturna Style

As has become a tradition, Ms.NWimby and I spent Canada Day in a fireworks free zone: The Saturna Island Lamb BarBQ. 
This is a great small community event where a couple of thousand people descend on Saturna Island (population: about 300) to enjoy local lamb roasted over an open fire, music, entertainment, craft booths, a book exchange, kids games and sports, et al. 
We have been going often enough that we actually have an assigned task (a shift at the Ice Cream Booth), and a reserved spot on the grassy knoll in the beer garden, from where we can watch the bands.
Happy Canada Day, all.
Nothing saya Canada Day like a beer garden and a Mountie.
A small town festival so well estabished, it runs like a swiss watch.
The latest in Saturna Ice Cream Booth fashion.


The team, from right to left: Sales, Heavy Lifting, Scoop Master, Scoop Apprentice.


What we are all here for, 20+ locally raised sheep, roasted around the open fire.


Ms. NWimby rocking the front row on the Grassy Knoll.
POV from the Front Row, after the Great Tent Install…
East Point on Saturna, where I think someone was filming a Rush album cover…
I was at the beer garden for a while, then had dreams of chasing a seal
while riding bareback on a sandstone sea lion…
It must have been a crazy dream, because I also ran into my current favourite Canadian.. on Canada Day!
and my head had turned into a van de Graaff generator!

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