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So much going on, so little time to write about it.

First off, Christie Clark announces her Cabinet. To her credit, I think it is a good mix of old and new, evidenced in how Moe Sihota was stuck on CBC concurrently complaining about the lack of some new members’ experience and the fact there was no evidence of change! No problem: that kind of cognitive dissonance is nothing new for Moe. There is no local angle here (New West is a long way from any Liberals of note, figuratively, if not literally), but there is an environment angle. The new Minister of Environment is some guy no-one outside of Kamloops has ever heard of. That said, he is genuinely educated (a Veterinarian), has executive experience (Mayor of Kamloops), and seems a generally nice guy (including doing a lot of overseas development work for a non-religious organization), so I am hopeful.

However, Clark’s biggest concern should not be her cabinet selection, or Moe Sihota, it should be the three high-profile, right-of-centre-right BC MPs who have just announced they are leaving federal politics . In Stockwell Day, John Cummings, and Chuck Strahl, the BC Conservatives suddenly have an electable core, and they they won’t have to dip into the Randy White pool o’ crazy for a leader. The landscape of BC politics is about the change: you read it here first.

Now getting more local, The UBE open house on Saturday was apparently well attended and well organized. I was out of town for a curling bonspiel, and could not go, but from the reports I have heard, any topics I would have covered were covered very well by others. I am actually at a committee meeting at the same time as the Wednesday consultation, so I will not be able to attend, but I recommend all with any interest do so!

The “water bottle in the school” issue will not be going away any time soon. With the President of Voice writing an opinion piece supporting the School board (while getting some of the facts wrong), on the same day we find out that the pro-water bottle “legal opinion” was actually financed by the Gentleman™ from Nestle™. I think Voice’s best tactic now is to back slowly away from this issue. Secretive corporate financing of Mr. O’Connor’s “grassroots” anti-labour rhetoric is not really the kind of thing people commonly associate with the “accountable, transparent, democratic” ideas Voice usually represents. O’Connor is not, to the best of my knowledge, a Voice member, nor does he speak for them, but this is probably something they don’t want to be too close to when it crashes and burns.

Finally, rumour has it that the City is looking at fortnight trash delivery. Good news.

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  1. Talk about garbage…..did you get your $216.00 bill for the bin you rarely use? Its in the increased sewer and water bill you just got if you own a home!
    When did they tell us we were going to be invoiced for a garbage bin.

  2. Oh yea don’t forget about the hydro bill increase of 9.78%. Takes effect April but the Provincial Liberal Gov’t has not even approved it yet!!!!

    Look out for your tax bill – increases increases increases who the heck can afford to live here anymore!!!!

  3. Actually sorry to correct you in your own home, but Mr. O’Connor is a member of Voice (or at least used to be). He was a Voice school board candidate, a director of the organization and I’m pretty sure a founding member of Voice.

    I look forward to seeing the donations list for the upcoming civic election to see if the relationship continues and Nestle Canada appears as a donor to Mr. O’Connor or Voice’s campaign.

  4. Anon: Um, that is not a charge for the Bin, it is the annual Solid Waste Utility Fee, and it is pretty much the same as I paid last year.

    Matt: Should have done my research. We’ll see if he is back on the list this year.

  5. And your point Jen….it’s no secret Patrick was a candidate in 2008. Has anyone bothered to see if Matt Laird is still a voice member or ever was.

  6. Matt was apparently associated with Voice when they were starting up, but decided not to run with them, and instead ran as an independant last municipal election. Any more details you will have to ask Matt.

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